Gloucester: City Gets Help for Safer Nights Out

19 February 2014, 15:43 | Updated: 19 February 2014, 15:46

Gloucester Docks unbranded

Gloucester is one of 20 areas across the UK which has been chosen to take part in a government scheme that will help to boost the evening economy in the City.

The 12 month programme will give the city council access to other areas that have successfully introduced schemes and projects that provide
a variety of choices in the evening.
In addition it will also open up access to experts who will be able to offer help and advice.
Gloucester already runs an award winning economic development programme. Most recently it has introduced grants to help increase the diversity of bars and restaurants in the centre of the City.
In addition it is also running a support programme for existing businesses to help with training and support and encourage businesses to open themselves up to a wider mix of customers.
The Local Alcohol Action Area scheme will see Gloucester benefit from a visit to the City by the Home Office to get a first-hand look at
the local situation. There is a detailed support pack and access to best practice case studies and other government experts.
Council Leader, Paul James, explained: ''We are the only one of the 20 areas that have been chosen which is approaching this scheme purely on the basis of improving the night-time offer in the City. In many cases elsewhere they have a number of alcohol related crime and health issues. That is not the case with us.''
Councillor Jennie Dallimore, cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods, added: ''We are keen to broaden the appeal of what we
have on offer in the City at night so that  we can attract a wider mix of people. This project will provide us with a lot of information, help and
support to make sure that we approach our objectives in the best possible way.''