Gloucester: No Cycling Stencils

18 June 2014, 19:19 | Updated: 18 June 2014, 19:33

Banksy-style stencils have been sprayed onto pedestrian areas in Gloucester city centre to stop cyclists riding through at busy times.

The city's Police Community Engagement team came up with the idea, which students from Gloucestershire College were able to turn into creative art. 

Riders who zoom through the city's gate streets and Kingsholm will now receive hints, when they look down, to get off their bikes and walk to spare pedestrians from being bumped into or knocked over. 

PC Mark Evans said: “Cycling in the city during the day and through small alleyways around Kingsholm has been repeatedly identified as a concern at various community events and it was decided that something needed to be looked at to assist in alleviating the issue. 

Praising Ben Hayward, the college student who came up with the eye-catching designs, PC Evans continued: 

"[They're] fantastic and should reach cyclists in a way signs at street level won’t. 

"This initiative is great and shows how we are working with young people in the community. 

"It also shows what young people have to offer and what we are doing to make the city and Kingsholm a safer and a more pleasant place to live, visit and work. 

"We encourage people to cycle in the Gloucester area, but to do that in a responsible manner that doesn't cause problems or offence to others. 

"We also retain the right to issue fines where cyclists ignore our warnings."