Gloucester road closure

26 April 2010, 16:13

A major road through Gloucester has closed as part of the 7 million pound scheme to link up the City Centre with the docks.

But drivers ignoring the 'road closed' signs are being blamed from causing gridlock in the City Centre on Monday morning.

Frank Heggs, from Gloucestershire Highways, told Heart drivers need to be sensible:

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Kimbrose Way will stay shut until the end of June when it will reopen as a two-way street.

Until then all northbound traffic approaching Kimbrose Triangle will be diverted at St Anne’s Way to the South West bypass and to Westgate Island. Southbound traffic will not be affected.

Road closure in GloucesterThe Waterwells/St Oswalds park and ride bus service will also follow this route.

Buses will turn left as they approach from the Quay and the bus stop will be at the Longsmith Street end of Ladybellegate Street.

There will still be access to the Docks car park and Stagecoach bus services will turn right into Parliament Street to a new bus stop in front of the Climbing Warehouse.

Work will also start on the new art wall outside the County Court building in Kimbrose Square.