Home Secretary speaks to Gloucestershire Police

The Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said it is up to Gloucestershire police to stop the current recruitment freeze - not central government.

Last year low council tax and government spending cuts meant Gloucestershire Constabulary became the 13th force in the country to announce a recruitment freeze.

A focus group made up of local police officers, PCSO’s and other members of the community were given the opportunity to ask Mr Johnson about governmental policies.

Figures last month revealed new police recruits taken on in Gloucestershire last year were never sent for training courses and therefore unable to start their jobs.

But Mr Johnson said it is not for the government to decide how each police authority saves money.

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He also talked about the need for social networking site Facebook to implement a ‘panic button’ to protect children online.

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Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary, Tony Melville, said he is hoping to implement a private finance scheme to provide new facilities and tackle funding cuts.

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