How healthy is Gloucestershire?

6 July 2010, 11:31

A new report shows that where we live is having an impact on our health.

Health Profiles have been put together by the South West Public Health Observatory, covering every part of the region.

The report for Gloucestershire shows women living in more affluent areas of the county live for  years longer than those in poorer areas, for men the gap is 6 years.

It also reveals the largest life expectancy gap for women in the same area is in Gloucester, where women in more affluent parts of the City can expect to live 7.6 years longer than those in poorer areas.

Tewkesbury has the lowest rate of new cases of malignant melanoma skin cancer, with 11.6 per 100,000 population.

While kids in the Cotswolds are some of the healthiest in the South West, with the lowest rates of obesity in reception class children of  5.4%.

And almost 11,000 people were admitted to hospital last year for alcohol related harm.

South West Regional Director of Public Health Dr Gabriel Scally said:

“There are a lot of encouraging signs that people’s health is improving across the South West.
However, there is still a lot of work to be done to address the variations which remain across the region.

“We need to work hard to get more people eating healthily, exercising regularly and taking care of themselves by not smoking, drinking less alcohol and generally looking after themselves, so that everyone can expect good levels of health no matter where they live.”

You can find out the Health profile of where you lice by going to