Is This The First Eco-Friendly Plane?

The world's first hybrid eco-friendly plane could be built in Cirencester.

Faradair have designed BEHA - a Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft - which will be powered by a mix of electricity and bio fuel.

As well as being a 'green' plane, like electric car engines, these aircrafts will be almost completely silent.

Neil Cloughley, managing director at Faradair, is telling Heart that's almost the best part alone.

"This aircraft can take off and land, take off and land, do all these test flights and the neighbours will be sitting in their gardens' saying 'do you hear something?'"


BEHA Proto type2

The company is currently looking at what old airfields in Gloucestershire they might be able to use in the testing stage.

The aim is to get the a prototype made in the next year or two so production can get these aircrafts in the sky by 2020.

As part of stage one, Faradair is asking people to help their Kickstarter crowd funding project so they can be part of the next tech generation.

Neil's also telling Heart he thinks BEHA could be a significant game changer in general aviation and possibly regional commercial aviation in years to come.