Miss Gloucestershire 14+ is ''happy''

3 April 2014, 06:00

The current Miss Gloucestershire for curvy women tells Heart that since gaining baby weight to become a size 14, she has found happiness.

"Looking back at pictures'', says Melissa Brannan, ''I was definitely underweight, ridiculously so.''

The 26 year old from Lydney reveals that being curvy wasn't always the case.

Before entering motherhood, she was in fact an ''underweight'' size 8, at 5 ft 8.

She is now looking forward to showing off her figure and charm at the Miss British Beauty Curve Grand Final in London this July.

And she had a few wise words for the judges during her interview with Heart.

Melissa is convinced of two things - that outward beauty shines from within, and that happiness comes from being happy with yourself:

"As long as it's not causing a danger to our health, obviously, I think everyone should care about what their own size is and what they're happy with, rather than judging everybody else.

"You can get a really thin, pretty girl, and they can be horrible and nasty. And then you see that that person is ugly inside.'

"Soon enough, you'll actually begin to realise that society has a problem with the weight, and that's when you find your real happiness.''

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