Mum tells uf burglary 'terror'

27 May 2010, 06:00

How would you feel coming back from dropping the kids off at school and finding your house burgled.

That is what happened to Lesley from Cirencester, who is urging people to improve their security at home.

Listen to Lesley's story

It comes as Gloucestershire Police warn the sunshine is the perfect weather conditions for criminals.

They are urging people not to leave doors and windows open - here's the full advice.


· If you leave the house or are going to bed make sure ALL doors are locked and all accessible windows are shut and LOCKED, just one last check before you go to bed or you pop out is all it needs.
. If you are busy in the garden or in another part of the house make sure doors or ground floor windows haven’t been left open for opportunist thieves.


. Keep you garden gate locked, make sure any gardening tools used during the day are secured in your shed or garage and make sure this is locked.
. Within the shed or garage, consider securing things like bikes and garden machinery to an immovable object with a good quality chain or steal cable and padlock.
. It is great to have the windows and sunroof open but make sure they are shut before you leave your car unattended…again even if you are just popping into the shops, a few seconds is all it takes for someone to help themselves to your property.
. Never leave anything of value on display – this applies all year round, most criminals are opportunist, so simply don’t give them the opportunity.
If you need any further information or advice on how to make your home or vehicle safe then visit the Crime Reduction pages on the constabulary website at or call 0845 090 1234 and ask to speak to your local Crime Reduction Officer.