New flood warning codes

If you live near a river or stream you are going to get a more accurate warning about flooding from today.

New flood codes have been launched by the Environment Agency:

Flood alertFLOOD ALERT telling people to prepare as flooding is possible and to stay alert

Flood warningFLOOD WARNING telling people to expect flooding and take immediate action


Sever flood warningSEVERE FLOOD WARNING telling people there is a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communites

This replaces the previous FLOOD WATCH and FLOOD WARNING system.

Anthony Perry from the Environment Agency told Heart more about the new codes:

Listen here

The agency have also started using a new 'flood visualisation' tool which enables them to monitor rain fall and water levels and more accurately predict where and when flooding will happen.

The changes have come in after recomendations made following after the major floods that hit Gloucestershire and Cumbria in 2007.

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