Police search for new dogs

Gloucestershire Police are calling for more search dogs to be trained in the run up to the Olympics.

Local people are being asked to put forward dogs which will be used to find drugs, firearms, money and explosives.

Gloucestershire Constabulary’s dog section need certain breeds, Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel or Labrador aged between ten and 20-months-old.

PC Mick Leigh and CharlieHeart's been finding out more from Dog Instructor PC Mick Leigh.

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So far 13 dogs have been put forward by the public and two dogs will now be selected for training.

The Constabulary’s dog section already have 15-general-purpose dogs, two explosives search dogs and three drugs, firearms and cash detection dogs.

For more information contact the Gloucestershire Constabulary dog section: 01242276427.