Police stop taking on new recruits

24 August 2010, 08:34 | Updated: 24 August 2010, 08:39

Gloucestershire Police have postponed taking on any new recruitsuntil the autumn.

In April 2010 the Constabulary became one of the first police forces to lift its freeze on officer recruitment.

A series of three intakes of 12 recruits were provisionally planned for 2010-2011. The first one of these intakes began in July 2010.

But in light of the pending Government Comprehensive Spending Review the second two intakes have been postponed.

The Review will outline the Government’s spending priorities for the future; potentially having a significant impact on the financial position of the Constabulary.

The Comprehensive Spending Review will be published in October 2010, but individual police forces are unlikely to know their funding until December 2010. 

Only after that point will the Constabulary be in a position to make informed decisions regarding future police officer staffing levels.

Assistant Chief Constable Ivor Twydell said:

“It is obviously very disappointing news for both those affected and the Constabulary. We share their frustration in not knowing exactly what the future will bring.

“It’s not a decision we have taken lightly. Unfortunately, it reflects a financial situation being felt across the country.

“We are as keen as anyone else to continue to maintain a steady stream of high-calibre recruits into Gloucestershire Constabulary, but it simply wouldn’t be prudent to continue to recruit until we have a better idea of what the long-term financial landscape looks like for us.”