Slimbridge: First Goslings Signal Start Of Spring

18 March 2014, 16:45

First goslings at Slimbridge signal start of sprin

These fluffy goslings are one of many signs that spring has arrived at WWT Slimbridge.

The pair of young Hawaiian Geese (or nenes) are only three-days-old so are sticking close to mum as they grow in strength and confidence. They are the first goslings to hatch in the grounds this year so they are attracting a lot of attention from visitors.

Phoebe Young, aviculture warden, said: 

'The youngsters are one of many signs at Slimbridge that spring is on its way. At the moment the goslings are very young so they are staying alongside their proud mum and the dad is also very attentive. 

'The next few weeks are an exciting time to visit, watch out for youngsters like these or for courtship behaviour of the flamingos.'