Stay safe on-line

Gloucestershire Police have issued more specific advice on how to stay safe while using social media and video-posting websites.

The advice gives detailed but simple to follow step-by-step instructions on how to adjust your security settings on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The move comes following an increase in the number of calls to police that refer to these sites. Helping prevent cases of internet bullying and exploitation is one of the main reasons the police decided to add the information.

Chief Inspector Richard Burge said:

"We’re not trying to discourage people from calling us if they believe they are being bullied online. If you are a victim then I would urge you to call us on 101. However, this information has been written by Safer Gloucester and is directed primarily to youngsters. It aims to help people set up their accounts in a way that reduces the chances of becoming a victim in the first place.

Of course we are aware that privacy settings can change regularly and we will return to the information to update as and when necessary. We still have our safe'n' savvy pages, which give further advice on online safety, and would also encourage children and parents to look at, which offers advice on issues such as misuse of social networking sites, cyberbullying, online gaming and child protection online. Information is power though so I hope this extra material really helps people."

The advice can be found via the homepage of