Tackling prolific offenders

A scheme to target prolific criminals in Gloucestershire is being hailed a major success.

The Prolific and Priority Offender (PPO) project was launch in November 2004.

Over the last five years police have monitored 214 people and results show they have committed 51% less crime while under the scheme.

Andrew Minett is the PPO coordinator for the county:

"According to Home Office statistics, more than half of all crime nationally is carried out by a core 10 per cent of offenders.

“By working intensively with a small group of offenders we have, in Gloucestershire, achieved some fantastic results.
“The scheme is presently working with 114 individuals to try and prevent them from committing further offences and to protect our communities from harm”.

The PPO scheme is run jointly by Gloucestershire Constabulary and the Probation Service, with funding from Gloucestershire County Council and the county’s Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships.

Offenders are chosen depending on their criminal behaviour, lifestyle and health issues, they are all 18 years or over and voluntarily sign a contract agreeing to the objectives of the scheme.
There are three PPO offices in various parts of the county who carry out regular drugs tests and make unannounced visits on a weekly basis. Many of the individuals on the PPO scheme are supported through programmes to tackle underlying issues such as drug and alcohol misuse.