WATCH: Police Destroy Guns From Amnesty

Nearly 40 guns surrendered to Gloucestershire police last week as part of their amnesty have been chopped to pieces.

The force were given guns and knives all of different shapes and sizes during Operation Magpie.

It started on Friday 14th November and allowed anyone the opportunity to clear out their lofts and sheds of any weapons they may have not known what to do with.

People who handed in the guns weren't going to get in trouble, but they would be checked to see if they were used in crimes before.

Officers had about 5 guns a day being handed in, and usually our police see about one a week handed in.

The aim of this national operation was to get as many unwanted guns as possible off the streets of Gloucestershire so there is less chance of them falling in to the hands of criminals.

Airguns, BB guns and even replicas have been taken in because many can still be dangerous or fool people, including officers, into thinking they are real.