More of us want a pre-nup

Most celebs wouldn't get married without one and now it seems more of us are looking at signing pre-nuptial agreements before getting hitched.

Heart has been told there has been a rise in people looking into the contracts which decide how money, homes and other items are split if there is ever a divorce.

Until now it has been seen as something only showbiz stars and the most wealthy do, but that is changing.

Alison Hawes is a family lawyer at Irwin Mitchell:

"Last year there seemed to be more high profile celebrity divorces than ever before. This combined with more discussion about the legal position of pre-nups has led to a significant rise in enquiries.

"More and more people are starting to understand that pre-nups aren't just for the rich and famous"

The Law Commission is currently holding a consultation on the future of pre-nuptial agreements and whether there should be a change in the law to make them binding.