Mum of crash victim makes appeal

Police have been looking for Georgios Tsoulos (pictured) who they believe was driving the car that killed Ricky Burlton.

The 20 year old died after being hit by a white Rover in Hoddesdon on June 4, 2010.

Hertfordshire Police say Tsoulos is wanted for causing death whilst driving a vehicle whilst uninsured and without a licence - He'd been living in Hertford at the time.

After receiving treatment for injuries to his face, Tsoulos absconded and hasn't been seen since.

Police think he's Albanian and is living in the UK under a false Greek identity.

Ricky’s mum, Dawn's appeal:

“I’m making this appeal on behalf of my beloved son Ricky who was tragically killed following a collision with a car on the A10 southbound carriageway exit slip road at Hoddesdon whilst walking home in the early hours of Friday June 4th.

“Ricky was a selfless, creative, ambitious, beautiful, caring and kind young man who would do anything to help others – a true Samaritan. He was an amazing son, a special son who was so full of life and energy that people couldn’t help but love in return. Ricky had a beautiful smile which always lit every room or place he entered and his warmth and energy touched the hearts and lives of every person he met. He had everything to live for and has been so cruelly robbed of his future and dreams.

“Our grief as a family has been compounded by the fact that Georgios Tsoulos, the person believed to be driving the vehicle which collided with our son, absconded from the scene to seek medical attention only for himself, abandoning our son Ricky and leaving him in the road.

“All of the Ricky’s family and friends just can’t understand why Tsoulos chose to act in the most selfish and inhuman manner. Everyone that knows Ricky is extremely distraught and sickened at the fact that Tsoulos failed to provide Ricky with any form of help and denied Ricky of any opportunity or choice to receive medical assistance.

“Furthermore because Tsoulos abandoned our son and left him in the road, Ricky was hit by multiple vehicles to the effect that I was unable to see Ricky, to touch and to hold Ricky or to kiss Ricky goodbye.

“As a family our lives have been totally shattered by loss of Ricky. We feel completely paralysed and crushed so truly devastated and heartbroken by our son’s tragic and atrocious death and knowing Ricky would be feeling just as distraught and distressed to be separated from all his family and friends too is absolutely unbearable.

“I know no one can ever fill the immeasurable hole or overwhelming pain we feel in our hearts and that our family unit will never be complete without our Rick.

“But what I do know is somebody knows Georgios Tsoulos, what his true identity is or where he is and I plead with you to pick up the phone and call the police or Crimestoppers anonymously so that in his death my darling first born son Ricky can receive the respect and justice he so truly deserves.”