Firework May Have Started Ongoing Fire

20 November 2012, 13:00

A fire at a recycling centre in Hertfordshire which has been burning for eleven days, could have been started by a firework.

The fire started at Wood Recycling Services (WRS) in Potters Crouch near St Albans very late on Saturday 10th November and has been left to burn out.

The company says the cause is still being investigated but there's a chance it may have been started accidentally by a firework. The Fire Service and Environment Agency (EA) have advised WRS that the fire will be allowed to burn itself out in a controlled fashion but it is unknown how long this will take.

In a statement, WRS say they are working alongside the Fire Service and their investigation into the cause of the fire. As the fire started on the very top of the pile, there is a possibility that it could have started by accident, perhaps even by a spent firework.

Once the fire has burned itself out, WRS will implement its clean-up plan to remove the waste ash and clear the site. This clean-up plan is being co-ordinated with the EA to minimise environmental impact. Once the site has been restored, the wood reprocessing operation will resume, once again providing bio-fuel for the green energy plants.

Simon Lupson, Director of WRS said, "This is a very difficult situation for all concerned. We have been operating the wood processing operation very successfully at this site since 2008. It is very frustrating that a fire like this not only stops a good and growing business in its tracks, but restricts the amount of bio-fuel available to green power stations through these winter months, right when they need it most.

I am advised that the fire is contained and we hope that there will be significant improvement in the situation with smoke and ash in the next few days, although the site may not be able to be cleaned up for some weeks. I am very grateful to the emergency services, the Environment Agency, National Grid, the utility companies and our staff at Appspond Lane for their professionalism and the support that they are providing to us as we deal with the situation"