£5m Compensation For Twelve Year Old

1 November 2011, 16:34 | Updated: 2 November 2011, 14:46

A family from Hemel Hempstead is expected to receive around five million pounds in compensation for operation twelve years ago.

Robbie Crane was born with a heart condition which required surgery when he was only days old. The operation was a success but Robbie now suffered from cerebral palsy. The Crane family believes medical negligence caused the illness claiming his ventilation wasn't properly controlled and low levels of Carbon Dioxide caused brain damage.

The exact amount of compensation has not yet been confirmed, Sue Jarvis is the Crane family solicitor and says "the purpose of the award is to provide care for Robbie for the rest of his life, he's expected to survive until he's 75 and his parents were very concerned that they wouldn't be able to give him the 24 hour care that he needs"

The case against the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust has been heard in the high court in London. They deny liability but have agreed to pay 70% of the full sum thought to be around five million pounds.

Robbie’s parents, Catherine and Barrie are said to be absolutely delighted with the offer especially after they were told for years that they were unlikely to be successful.