Cat Shot In Kings Langley

27 November 2012, 16:33 | Updated: 27 November 2012, 17:30

A family from Kings Langley have been left devastated after their pet cat was shot.

Pepsi, a Turkish Angora, was found lying lifelessly on a driveway in Roman Gardens on Sunday 25th November.

Pepsi's owner, Liz Beeton, rushed her to the vets thinking a car had hit her:

"The vets took her straight in, they then phoned us a couple of hours later, after she'd had pain relief, she'd had a X-Ray and they confirmed to our utter shock that she'd actually been shot and unfortunately the pellet had lodged itself into her spine"

Pepsi had been shot with an air rifle

Her injuries have had an affect similar to an epidural, she her no feeling in the lower half of her body.

Mrs Beeton says she can't believe someone would do something like this to a pet:

"To know now that there is somebody out their willing to do that living amongst us is really frightening, the neighbours all now have kept their animals inside everybody around here whose got cats are keeping them indoors so its had a big affect on us as a neighbourhood" 

She went on to say that her and her family might have to make the difficult decision to have Pepsi put down if she doesn't make a recovery.

Hertfordshire Police have asked anyone with information to come forward and contact PC David Herring.