Deep clean in Watford

15 September 2010, 06:00

A massive street cleaning operation's starting in Watford today.

19 streets in the central and west parts of the town are getting a deep clean. It means a mechanical sweep of the footways and channels will take place and Hertfordshire Highways will empty road drains and carry out minor road surface repairs where possible.

The streets have been selected because there's normally a large number of cars parked on them, which have hampered work from taking place in the past.

Councillor Derek Scudder, the cabinet member responsible for environmental issues said:

"The deep clean project has now been successfully running for a number of years. This initiative gives our residents an improved neighbourhood and encourages everyone to keep their roads clean and rubbish free.

"I ask that all residents read the newsletter and letter that is being delivered to them and move their vehicles by 8am on the morning of the relevant street deep clean, as this scheme can only work with your cooperation. Don't be the one who lets your street down."

Work is due to start today (Wednesday 15th September) and is expected to be completed on Thursday 21st October. The work will be carried out on Wednesdays and Thursdays on the following roads:

Queens Place
St Johns Road
Sutton Road
Sotheron Road
Stanley Road
Grosvenor Road
Prince Street
Queens Road
Gladstone Road
Ebury Road
Shaftesbury Road
Percy Road
Southsea Avenue
Francis Road
Durban Road West
St Marys Road
Euston Avenue
Princes Avenue (both sections)
Queens Avenue

Letters have been sent to the residents who are going to be affected and advance warning signs are being put up to tell people about the works.

If you have any queries about the work you can call Hertfordshire Highways (about Road Closures and Highway Repairs) on 471 320 or Watford Borough Council (about the Deep Cleansing) on 235 946.