Disabled Boy Gets £4m Compensation

18 October 2013, 06:00

The family of a nine year old boy have won their fight for compensation over failings by Watford General Hospital.

Mattia Dessi suffers from cerebral palsy- he can't move any of his limbs, he's blind, he has epilepsy, he cant speak, is double incontinent and has severe learning disabilities.

His family claim the condition was caused by his brain being starved from oxygen during a difficult birth.

West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust originally denied this saying it was caused before birth as his mother had gone to hospital reporting reduced foetal movements.

The case was eventually settled out of court with the agreement to pay Mattia's parents a lump sum of £1.6 million to make immediate adaptions to their house and buy him any equipment he needs.

They will then receive £156,000 every year for the next ten years and £206,000 for every year of his life after that.

Solicitor Sue Jarvis told Heart the family are delighted.

She says both parents have to work jobs that fit in with Mattia's care needs and both have started suffering with back pain caused by carrying their son.

Jackie Ardley, Chief Nurse for the West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust says:

“The standard of care that Mattia Dessi received from us in 2004 was clearly not to the level it should have been.  I would like to offer my sincere apologies on behalf of the Trust to Mattia and his family.

“We are pleased that this case has been settled and hope that it will enable Mattia’s lifetime needs to be properly met.”