Harry Potter theme park in Watford?

25 August 2010, 08:09 | Updated: 25 August 2010, 08:46

Rupert Grint - who plays Ron Weasley in the films - spoke to fans at a meet-and-greet event on Monday night.

The star claims that the film company is planning to open up parts of the Leavesden Road studios, where many of the films were shot, so fans can take a tour round some of the life-sized sets.

Ron said: ""We used to write on the walls and they're actually recreating and turning the studio in an attraction, actually recreating all the rooms so you can go in them."

A full-scale Harry Potter theme park has already opened in America and whilst this atrraction is unlikely to be on anything like the same scale, studio bosses are hoping die-hard Potter fans will find it a huge draw.