Hertfordshire Children To Get Olympic Tickets

26 June 2011, 06:00

Some of Hertfordshire's most special children are going to be given tickets to the Olympic Games.

Hertfordshire County Council, as a host local authority, has been able to secure 105 tickets for the Olympic Games. These tickets have been bought specifically to distribute to special young people including some of the county council's looked after children, young carers and young athletes - accompanied by a family member or carer.

Hertfordshire is home to the Lea Valley White Water Centre, which is the venue for the Olympic canoe slalom event. The centre opened in April. It is the first and only brand new London 2012 venue to open before the Games. The centre has two separate courses - a 300m Olympic standard competition course with a 5.5m descent and a 160m legacy loop with a 1.6m descent.

Executive Member for Children's Services, Richard Roberts, said: "Right from the start, we were determined that, if we were lucky enough to get hold of these tickets, they should not be given to councillors or employees, but should be used to inspire some of the county's special children. We are still working on the fairest way to share out the tickets to these children as we want to make sure that lots of children share in the county's history."