M1 Video Becomes Online Hit

15 August 2011, 15:50

A video of traffic stuck on the M1 following an accident near the Watford turnoff has become an online hit.

Gavin Tilstone’s seven minute clip, where he criticises drivers who are parked on the hard shoulder which is only for emergency access, has had more than 400,000 hits on YouTube since it was put on there a week ago.

The 30 year old has been telling Heart he got different reactions from the motorists when he approached them:

“There’s a moment in each of their faces as they realise what I’m doing it dawns on them and go ‘oh yeah I’ve done wrong here’ and a few of them admit it straight away. But then others are still a bit dumbfounded and thought ‘what do you mean I’m wrong? I was just following everyone else, why is that a bad thing?’”

Gavin hopes that his video sends out a clear message to drivers:

“It takes time for emergency vehicles to move along the carriageway if that carriageway is blocked. If the hard shoulder isn’t blocked they can move there in seconds, if it is then they have to wait for people to find somewhere to go where there is nowhere to go.”

To hear the full interview with Gavin click here