Memorial Service For Potters Bar Crash

10 May 2012, 15:27 | Updated: 10 May 2012, 16:22

The 10 year anniversary of the Potters Bar train crash has been marked with two memorial services and a minutes silence.

The first service took place in the memorial garden that has been made outside the Potters Bar Railway Station.

A prayer was read for the victims and then friends and relatives of the seven people that were killed laid flowers.

Heart spoke to Janet whose father Alexander Ogunwusi was one of those killed. She was only 13 at the time:

"i can't believe its 10 years, time actually flies so fast but I think the wounds are just as fresh as if it was yesterday"

A total of seven people were killed by the train crash including Robert Borden's step-father Austen Kark.

He told Heart today is not just for those people that lost relatives:

"Today I think is really about everybody here and I don't mean just those who have lost relatives or who have been injured but those who were here and the people of Potter Bar who have themselves been traumatised by the events" 

Other people that went to remember were those that helped out in the aftermath of the crash. There were people from the emergency services and people that were working near by at the time and came to help where they could.

The second memorial service then took place at the Church of Our Lady and St Vincent- a memorial bench was then dedicated outside the church. 

Police had donated the money for the bench to thank the church for their help. After the crash they opened as a 24 hour cafe for police and the emergency services to help them do their jobs.