New Cameras To Catch Bus Lane Blockers

25 July 2011, 11:10 | Updated: 25 July 2011, 11:17

New numberplate recognition cameras are being put up in Hemel Hempstead to stop drivers using a bus lane.

Hertfordshire County Council say four thousand cars use the lane on Moor End Road each week.  It's hoped the cameras will deter drivers from using or parking in the bus lane, cutting congestion and speeding up bus journey times.

Some bus companies have had to change their bus routes because of the problem of people blocking the bus lane.  Hertfordshire County Council say they regularly receive complaints from bus users about delays in this area.

People caught using the bus lanes face a £60 fine which will be halved to £30 if paid within two weeks.

Highways boss Stuart Pile told Heart "The Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras will enforce the no-waiting restrictions in that area and free up the buses to be able to arrive and leave on time."

He says it's essential people play by the rules.  "Don't park in places that you're not supposed to park, because it's not just the ten minutes you're saving, you could actually be delaying buses and causing huge traffic problems just by parking in the wrong place."