Reward To Catch Handbag Thief

15 March 2012, 16:49

£1000 is being offered for information to catch a man who snatched a handbag from a woman in Hatfield.

Back on February 13, a 52 year old woman fell to the ground after a man ran into and grabbed her bag from her on French Horn Road.

She had just got off a train from London and was walking home when the theft happened. 

The victim screamed and the robber ran off towards a nearby housing estate. 

The charity Crimestoppers is now putting up a reward for information leading to the arrest and charge of the man responsible. 

Sue Thompson, chair of the Hertfordshire Crimestoppers Committee, wants people to think about some questions: 'Did someone you know display unusual behaviour that day? Has someone confessed to being involved? Perhaps someone witnessed the event or saw suspicious activity in the area?' 

Anyone who has information is being asked to call 0800 555 111.