Search Teams Find Body

25 November 2012, 08:37 | Updated: 25 November 2012, 08:40

Police searching for a man who fell into a river in Hertfordshire while walking with friends have found a body.

Kevin Wilkinson, 50, from Homerton, east London, had been walking with friends along a path beside the River Colne near Wiggenhall Road in Watford shortly after 4am on Saturday 24 November 2012.

Police believe the body is his.  It's thought he fell in and his friends lost sight of him in the darkness and heavy fog.

The body was found on the evening of Saturday 24 November, following a search by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue and divers from Thames Valley Police.

This all happened as strong winds and heavy rain continued to batter the country, leaving many areas on Flood Watch.

A 21 year old woman was killed by a falling tree in Exeter, Devon, on the evening of Saturday 24 November.

Wild Weather: Falling Tree Kills Woman