Speed Dating Could Help Dacorum's Unemployed

7 February 2013, 16:00 | Updated: 7 February 2013, 16:08

An event created by the Dacorum Volunteer Centre - could help the area's unemployed boost their skills to increase their chances of finding paid work.

A match-making event - to bring together volunteers in Dacorum with local organisations needing more manpower - could work for the benefit of all involved.

The Dacorum Volunteer Centre in Hemel has run speed-dating style events in the past - with very short 3 minute chats between potential volunteers and local charities and the concept has now been sold to the US, Australia and even Japan.

But now, the manager of the Centre, based the Roundhouse in Hemel - says they're looking for a commercial organisation to host the next event.

Calling Heart, manager Heather Allen says it's a terrific way for the area's unemployed to gain all sorts of skills to help them back into paid work. Heather said: "I don't think people realise the huge range of opportunities there are - and places for them to volunteer.

The skills and experiences volunteers gain could be very useful to them when looking for a job."

The next event hasn't yet been finalised, but the Volunteer Centre is looking for a host.

So, can you help? And do you want to help?!

If so, contact the centre at The Roundhouse in Hemel on 01442 214 734 (open Mon-Fri 0930-1600) or click HERE