Students To Work 9 till 5 In New School

14 February 2012, 16:00

A Studio School being set up in Hemel Hempstead will make going to school more like going to work.

The school will be set out like an office and children will work 9 till 5. They will still cover the core subjects but in a less traditional way.

They will work on projects, the school hope to get local business involved in setting these projects to help prepare them for employment.

The students will not get the long school holidays that they are used to either if they want time off they will have to book it in advance.

The studio school will be the second in Hertfordshire with one opening in Stevenage in September this year

It will be for children aged between 14 and 19 and will offer this alternative style of education to 240 students that find it difficult to learn in the standard education system.

Les Acton the Project developer hopes this will make students more employable by getting them used to working life:

"What we actually want to do is to bring them up in a working type of culture so that they become accustomed to working within a work environment, they will then have the type of employability skills that employers will like"

The younger students will do a paid work placement at local businesses one day a week throughout the whole year. The older two year groups will do two days a week.