Watford: 20 Year Plan Is All Go

27 November 2012, 06:00

An independent inspector has confirmed that Watford Borough Council’s Core Strategy provides a sound basis for planning in the town over the next 20 years.

Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill told Heart: “The Core Strategy is about the kind of town we want Watford to become. It affects all of us, and I am pleased that we have got it right. The planning team have been working hard on this strategy for many years now, so this is a fantastic achievement for them.

New development is always controversial. This strategy will help us to ensure we get the right development in the right place, whilst preserving the character of our neighbourhoods. We have had lots of input from residents so a huge thank you goes out to them.”

The Core Strategy sets out the overall local vision, strategic objectives and spatial strategy for development in the borough to 2031. It sets out 6 new special policy areas for major regeneration and environmental improvements including the town centre, the Health Campus and at Watford Junction and which are all linked by the new Croxley Rail Link.

The Core Strategy is also the main local policy reference point for the council when considering all planning applications in the borough. The full report of the independent inspector is available to view on our Planning pages. 

Now that the council has been given the green light to go ahead and deliver its vision for the town, work will continue on additional policy documents and allocating sites for development.

Work is also ongoing on the Community Infrastructure Levy for Watford which collects money from development proposals for infrastructure improvements such as new roads and improvements to parks.

Details on these policy documents will be published in 2013, and residents will be asked for their views again. In the meantime, any comments, requests for further information or suggestions for site development can be sent to: strategy@watford.gov.uk