Women Waste Water Shaving Legs

28 August 2011, 06:00

A third of women waste water by shaving their legs in the shower - according to Thames Water who supply people in Hertfordshire.

The company said the waste is enough to supply London for 25 days at a time of low rainfall in the South East.

A recent study also revealed one in four people leave the tap running while brushing their teeth which accounts for around 120 billion litres of water wasted per year.

A spokesman for Thames Water said: ''It may seem like it's always raining, but we've had below average rainfall across our region for nine of the past 12 months.

''Our research proves the majority of people have a 'water conscience', with more than 90% of people saying they would feel guilty about wasting water.

''We now need to help our customers use even less of it.''

The company set up www.thameswater.co.uk/waterwisely - the world's first online water-efficient town - to help its 8.8 million customers save £75 from their bills each year.

Waterwisely is an interactive town, where visitors can:

pick up free water-saving gadgets for taps, toilets and showers;
calculate their water use and get a personal report, highlighting how they can make greater water savings; 
compare their water use with the rest of the country;
get tips and make pledges, which can be shared with friends on Facebook.
Mr Aylard added: ''Unlike other 'water calculators' out there, we've made Waterwisely as interactive as possible so visitors can get a personal report and tailored advice to suit their needs – while having a bit of fun exploring the town. We’re also offering our customers a range of free top-quality gadgets that could help them reduce their water use by up to a quarter, and reduce their utility bills by up to £75 a year.''