Kent Fire Warning Dangers Of House Fires

18 April 2011, 18:31 | Updated: 20 April 2011, 11:25

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is launching a new dramatic short film today to remind people that just three breaths of fire smoke can be fatal.

The video – which shows the devastating effects of a fire in a family home. Its content is deliberately shocking in a bid to promote the critical role of working smoke alarms in keeping people safe.

Government research has found more than 50 per cent of people overestimate how much time they have to escape, with 13 per cent believe they could survive for more than 10 minutes in a smoke filled room.* 


*Research: CLG – Fire Kills - Beneath the Deadly Beliefs.

KFRS Director of Community Safety, Steve Griffiths said: “We really hope this film helps people understand how rapidly a fire can take hold and the danger of the toxic smoke, which will usually kill people before the flames.
“Visitors to the 3breaths pages of our website can get a clearer picture of their own risk level, and take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe. If people need further advice we encourage them to call us.”

All of KFRS’s services to the public are free, including phone calls to the advice line on 0800 923 7000.

KFRS offers wide ranging support for people across the community, with specialist alarms and support available for those with hearing or visual impairment.