Heart Breakfast 23rd-27th July

Find out what happened on Heart Breakfast between the 23rd and the 27th of July!

Friday 27th July

We learnt that Danielle is meeting Olly Murs

All week we gave you the chance to win tickets to see Olly Murs – and from all those winners James and Charlie made a quick call to Danielle in Thanet…

Danielle gets a call...

We learnt that the bells were ringing

Big Ben rung more than 40 times for three minutes to celebrate the first day of the London 2012 Olympic Games

This is just one of thousands of bells that chimed out across the UK from 8:12AM – 8:15AM this morning

This is a historic occasion for one of the world’s most famous bells, as it is believed to be the first time that the strike of Big Ben has been rung outside its regular schedule since 1952

And we wanted you to get involved with your bells…

The bells are ringing out...

And we learnt that we finally have Great Britain in our 2012 Challenge

At the start of they year James and  Charlie were set a challenge by Producer Matt to get a photo with someone from all 204 nationalities taking part in the Olympics.
Before the opening ceremony tonight they have managed to get an amazing 137 – which you can see now here!
But that number is missing one obvious nationality – Great Britain – and we wanted to get that one in style…so we had our 2012 Challenge Party (well... gathering).

We were joined by people who all registered online to come in and be part of our Great Britain photo – but we didn’t just want a photo, we played some games and had some breakfast – Thank you to Julie's Café, Whitstable and Catering Heaven for the food.
2012 Challenge - GB

Thursday 26th July

We learnt that Stratford is the land of the lanyard

With 1 day until the start of the Olympics – James and Charlie headed to the Olympic Village to hang around outside hoping to get photos with some of the countries they hadn't got for their 2012 Challenge… they managed to get 6 more, including some with actual athletes including!

2012 Challenge - Iceland

The other thing the guys noticed was the amount of people walking around the shopping centre with massive A4 Lanyards…they felt a bit left out!

We learnt our PO BOX address

School Summer Holidays – are the kids already bored…James and Charlie can help…they have made a step by step guide to making the summer craze in Kent Balloon Pets! If you want one – and a signed James and Charlie photo – send a Stamped addressed envelope to Heart's Balloon Pets, PO BOX 100 CT5 3QX

Balloon Pets - Send us a SAE!


And we learnt that James has never won a medal

What have you ever won a medal for? Charlie has lots from her Irish Dancing Days, Debs in Strood said she got some for running the London Marathon but was more happy with a gold chocolate one she won at a friends adult Olympic event for skipping! James brought in loads of medals… unfortunately none were his - he had taken them from his kids bedrooms! Oh dear, James, the shame!!

Wednesday 25th July

We learnt about our new friends Donald and Freddie

These are James and Charlie's Balloon Pets – the new craze (we hope) for the  school Summer Holidays…have a listen to how they were created! 

We learnt Charlie turns the radio down to smell cabbages

Can you smell cabbages in Kent? Charlie did this morning on her drive in but for her to do that she had to turn her radio down…James couldn't believe this, but apparently Charlie wasn't alone as Debs in Strood is the same and is happy she's not alone and  Woo goes one step more and always puts her glasses on to hear things better!

And we learnt there's 4 days until Sunday…or is it 5?

Olly Murs is coming to Kent on Sunday and this caused a bit of a debate between James and Charlie – James thinks it's 5 days to go, as you count today and Sunday, Charlie said you don't count the day of the event so there's only 4 days to go from today….it looks like everyone else has a different theory do you count how many sleeps or how many wake ups?! Confusing…Producer Matt had the final say and told James and Charlie just to say Olly Murs is in Kent on Sunday!

If you want to go and see him…listen tomorrow for your chance to win tickets at 7.25!

Tuesday 24th July

 We learnt that Charlie doesn't have a wind gauge in her pocket

After today's Weird News from Claire – Charlie thinks the stories could all be summed up by ' some people have too much time on their hands' find out why  - here!

We learnt that we have garlic breath

So after yesterday with James wanting to know what Chimichurri was, Charlie brought some in for him to taste on the show… how did it go?

And we learnt about Poppy's Balloon Pets

Day 2 of the Summer Holidays – are you already hearing 'I'm Bored?'…if so, James (with help from his daughter Poppy) has the answer and we want it to take Kent by storm…Balloon Pets…let's get Poppy to explain all…

Hot Sausage and Mustard 24/07/12

Charlie loves this and wants to make some after the show today…find out how they get on tomorrow! #balloonpets

Monday 23rd July

We learnt that Olly Murs wants a hug from James

With under a week to go until Olly Murs performs live in Kent, James and Charlie called him…but he was in an unusual place…

Olly Murs On The Phone

Keep listening all this week as Heart Breakfast has your chance to win tickets to see Olly... and on Friday someone will get to meet him!

We learnt that Charlie was called Bear Grylls O'Brien

Charlie's back from her hols and told us that while away in Spain her friends gave her the nickname Bear Grylls O'Brien because she had to get rid of spiders, wasps, crickets, lizards…and a scorpion! Here's the picture to prove it… James wasn't that impressed though as he said he had to rescue a snake from his pond this weekend! We asked you who you think is braver - lots of you said Charlie was, with Barry the Milkman saying that it wasn't a snake James…it was probably a harmless Slowworm!

Bear Grylls O'Brien

And we learnt that you can come and have breakfast with us on Friday!

We want you to join us for a 2012 Challenge party and picture!
With all the countries we've been trying to get there is one obvious one we still don't have - Great Britain!
So we want people to come in and represent Great Britain in our 2012 Challenge - if you're from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland (or anywhere else) and would like to join us on Heart Breakfast for the 2012 Challenge Party this Friday - just enter here!