'Bedroom Tax' Protests

30 March 2013, 10:08 | Updated: 30 March 2013, 10:28

More demonstrations have been taking place, including in Milton Keynes and Northampton, against new rules that will see some housing benefit claimaints lose some of their money.

More than 40 protests were held on Easter Saturday 30 March 2013 against changes to housing benefit which have been labelled as a 'Bedroom Tax'.

It will see housing benefit claimants lose some of the money they receive if they are judged to live in a house with more bedrooms than they need.

Demos were planned to take place outside The Old Co-op store in Bletchley, Milton Keynes at 11am on Saturday 30 March.  Other demos were planned outside The Guildhall, Northampton, from 1pm, and outside The Corby Cube from 12.30pm.

The change to housing benefit is one of a series of changes being brought in from April 2013 to try and cut the amount of taxpayers' money that is spent on benefits.

An earlier Bedroom Tax demo took place outside the Civic Offices of Milton Keynes Council on Friday 15 March 2013.