Brighter Futures in MK

A new CD's being released today (Tuesday) by a group of young mums from Milton Keynes.

It's got two songs on it called Baby Love and Building Brighter Futures which are about their experiences with their babies and their hopes for the future.

All of the mums - who are aged between 16 and 24-years-old - live in a Mother and Baby Hostel in Milton Keynes.

They've put the songs together to raise money for the Neonatal Unit at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Grace - who's 17 and has a one-year-old daughter - told Heart about the lyrics in Building Brighter Futures:

"There's a bit of the song and it goes, 'moving on, moving up, to a place that we can call our own' and that's basically what we're trying to achieve living here [at the hostel]."

And 18-year-old Heather - whose daughter is 11-months-old - told Heart everybody helped write the lyrics:

"A line I wrote was, 'When I feel your heart beating next to mine, it's a wonder you've been here so little time'. And it just reminds me of when my daughter was younger, and I held her close to me, how it made me feel. So I've got those lyrics now to cherish forever."

Marie Robinson, Support Provision Manager at the scheme said:

"This project has been a fantastic experience for the young women here. Having created the CD they now know that it is possible to achieve anything they set their minds to. It has given them the confidence to set new goals in all areas of their lives such as CV and job hunting - I'm extremely proud of their achievements."

The CD is for sale of £3 from Milton Keynes Hospital. All proceeds will go to the Neonatal Unit at MK Hospital.