Cash For Bletchley Park Huts Restoration

27 June 2012, 17:00 | Updated: 27 June 2012, 17:15

The restoration of World War II buildings at Bletchley park can now begin after £2.4 million has been raised for it.

In September last year, the trust that run the site announced that they needed to raise the cash to enable them to get a £5 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

They have now raised all the funds needed and have been given permission to start on the restoration project. 

It will see the derelict code breaking huts transformed and a visitor centre along with exhibition space created in Block C.

Iain Standen CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust said: 'This is an exciting and unparalleled milestone in the twenty year history of the work of the Bletchley Park Trust, allowing us to start the work of preserving this site for future generations and in permanent tribute to the extraordinary men and women who worked here during World War II.

'Raising these funds has not only been a race against time to save the Huts from dereliction, but also has been imperative in order to create essential capacity and an improved experience for our ever rising numbers of visitors.'

The site was the wartime home of the Government Code and Cypher School who broke the German Enigma codes, which experts believe may have shortened the war by up to two years. 

Work is expected to start in the Autumn.