Childcare in Milton Keynes

11 August 2010, 06:00

What do you think about the childcare services that are on offer in Milton Keynes?

MK Council's running a survey to get feedback from parents, carers and employers, to make sure local childcare is meeting the needs of all ages - from newborn to 19-year-olds.

It's not just parents with young children that need help - those with older children often need support before or after school, and during the holidays - especially if they have to work. The council's Early Years Team is therefore keen to hear from Mums and Dads with school aged children, as well as those with younger ones.

Employers are being included in the survey because research has shown parents who can't find suitable childcare are less likely to be able to take up employment or training opportunities - and will therefore find it harder to increase the amount they earn.

Simon Sims, from the Early Years and Childcare Team said: "By ensuring the childcare market is accessible and of high quality we can help get more parents and carers into training and jobs and work towards our aim to alleviate child poverty. As well as parents, we want to hear from employers so we can determine what their requirements are and how they feel about the arrangements in place for their staff at the moment."

You can do the questionnaire online until the 31st August by clicking here

Hard copies are available at local libraries or by calling 0845 033 0335.

The information from the questionnaires will be analysed and used to see which areas need improving.