Community health in MK

Who do you think should run community health services in Milton Keynes?

At the moment Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust is in charge of things like district nurses and mental health services, but the Department of Health is doing a review to find out if that's the best way of running things.

There are six possible options and you're being asked which one you would prefer. The options are:

Keep things as they are
Have standalone community provider services
Integrate the services with Milton Keynes Council
Integrate the services with Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Integrate the services with neighbouring PCT provider services
Have managed dispersal of services

There's more information about each of the option at

Dr Diane Gray, the Director of Strategy and Planning at NHS Milton Keynes said:

“NHS Milton Keynes wants to make sure that whichever organisation manages our community health services, they increase quality, keep people healthy and deliver care closer to home, using innovative ways of working to deliver services to a growing population. We are looking at six main options to make sure community and mental health services are managed in the right way for the people of Milton Keynes.”

You can comment on any of the options by e mail (, by adding a comment on NHS Milton Keynes' facebook page or on Twitter to @NHSMiltonKeynes.

You've got until 10th March to comment and any implementation of a new provider will be done by April 2011.