Olympic Torch - Buckingham

July 9th, 2012 at 10.19

Meet Your Torchbearers

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Jemma Moore
Hometown: Banbury
Age: 26
Nomination: Her enthusiasm and determination to deliver a best in class experience for all involved, has earned her a reputation as a fantastic advocate for learning and development and for Vodafone.Jemma always has the employee and customer experience at the heart of what she does and will challenge others to think the same way. I know that she would be incredibly proud to carry the torch and humbled by the praise she recieves
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Paul Barter
Hometown: Aylesbury
Age: 45
Nomination:  I have supported a number of charities by giving money and supporting other colleagues activities. When I saw the UK Challenge article on the Interchange, I felt this was an opportunity to do my own fundraising. After seeing presentations from the NSPCC, listening to their colleagues talk about how the monies raised are used and the differences it makes to children and families, made a difference to me. It helped to motivate me make sure I raised the amount I signed up to and come up with different ways to raise monies and share the message about the important work the NSPCC do with my colleagues. I shared this enthusiasm with the Challenge team.
Olympic Torch - Sarah Williams Name: Sarah Williams
Hometown: Pleasanton
Age: 19
Nomination: During her freshman year, Sarah read a story of a foster child being denied the comfort of a warm blanket and became determined to have all 800 students at her school make a fleece blanket for foster children by Christmas. Sarah began fund-raising with service clubs, then turned to local and national companies for more support. She taught blanket-making to her school's football team, Girl Scouts, service clubs, and senior groups. Her initial goal attained, Sarah reached sustainability by creating Legacy Blanket Kits with tools and materials to be replenished by each blanket-maker and passed on. Sarah's project has now touched the lives of 10,000 foster children and countless volunteers. She's raised $80K+ and introduced the project in six states.

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