Olympic Torch - WInslow

July 9th, 2012 at 10.42

Meet Your Torchbearers

Olympic Torch - Winslow Name: Cleverdon Peerless
Hometown: Buckingham
Age: 25
Nomination: I would like to nominate this courageous young women who has been an inspiration to young people. Michelle has had a difficult journey through the care system and has struggled with everyday living. She has learning difficulties and special needs but still manages to smile everyday even when her school days were hard and difficult due to her problems, discrimination towards her was a major issue. Michelle`s journey started at three years old after a tragic childhood of abuse and neglect through no fault of her own. She is still with my family and is a credit to young people. Michelle has devoted her life to caring for unwanted dogs and volunteers in our local animal rescue society. Her needs are now used to transforming the lives of animals and gives readily her time to care and love even the most difficult of animals, especially dogs. Michelle is often seen walking in the rain, snow and sun lifting the hearts of unwanted strays, I have yet to see an animal that does not respond to her loyalty and love
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Connie Coneron
Hometown: Aylesbury
Age: 54
Nomination: Connie is a very generous person with her time and energy, and an inspiration to all around her. She will always make time for those less fortunate than herself and has made excellent use of her business knowledge at The Vale Federation of Special Schools. It is almost impossible to count the number of hours she has given to the federation over the years. As a conservative estimate, she will spend at least 3 hours per week throughout the year attending meetings, reviewing and writing governor reports, meeting Ofsted inspectors, governor training and generally as an ambassador for The Vale Federation. I think Connie thoroughly deserves special recognition for her commitment and devotion to something very dear to her heart.
Olympic Torch - Winslow Name: Gloria Chaplin
Hometown: Milton Keynes
Age: 69
Nomination: I have been a volunteer for Age Concern Milton Keynes coming up for 20 years in 2012 and have raised a lot of money through collection goblets (which I managed to fit in BP sites) and fund raising events. By listening and by being courteous and available for chat, will try not to let anyone down through promises, if for some reason I will not be able to do it I will let them know and will make contact with someone for them.
Olympic Torch - Winslow Name: Tony Karam Lamadrid
Hometown: Mexico City
Age: 47
Nomination: President and Founder of Casa Tibet Mexico, the Tibetan Buddhist Center. He is a committed Mexican not only to shear the Buddhist learning, but also in transmitting a peace and love message to all Mexicans. He was the organizer of the recent visit of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama to México City. As part of his commitment to make of México a better country, he supports different civil associations like the Tarahumara Foundation, the Mexican Children Foundation and the Peace Foundation.

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