Road Safety Competition Winners Announced

27 April 2011, 12:37 | Updated: 27 April 2011, 12:41

The lucky winners of a road safety competition run in the Thames Valley has been unveiled.

The hard-hitting theatre show promotes road safety among new drivers and young people by focusing on the consequences of distractions, speed and poor driving.

It follows a film of a group of young people who are involved in a serious collision on their way to a night out.

As events unfold members of the emergency services and real victims take to the stage to speak about how they have been affected by collisions and poor driving.

After watching the show, hundreds of hopefuls entered an online competition on in the hope of winning 10 driving lessons with the AA and an Xbox 360 Arcade.

The show runs annually in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire and is watched by thousands of students aged over 16.

Last week, Elizabeth Aldred (pictured) from Olney was presented with 10 AA driving lessons by Sgt Chris Appleby from Milton Keynes Road Policing base. Zoe Chesterman and Kelly Newman both from Aylesbury were also awarded with 10 AA driving lessons after entering the competition on Heart FM last November.

David Richards, Marketing Director at AA DriveTech who provided the free driving lessons said

“We want young people to think about road safety issues from day one of their driving career. Too many of them get hurt or killed on the roads and the Safe Drive Stay Alive initiative is a wake-up call that they are not ‘invincible’. That’s why we are delighted that Elizabeth, Zoe and Kelly have made the effort to get involved and are worthy winners of free driving lessons from the AA Driving School.”

Students, Jonathan Sawyer, Mary Lewis and Lizzy McLean are the lucky winners of a competition that was run on the Safe Drive website and have won an Xbox 360 Arcade.

Chief Inspector, Gill Wootton from Milton Keynes Road Policing base said:

“Safe Drive Stay Alive is a really good way of making young people aware of how dangerous driving can affect them, their family and those who deal with it.

“The competition allows us to reward people who take time to visit our website after the event.”