Council tax goes up

Council tax in the new city is going up by 2%. That’s an average increase of 42p a week, based on the average Band D property.

A rise of 1.5% had been recommended before last nights Milton Keynes Council meeting.

However an amendment was made to add an extra 0.5% to the tax, to help fund repairs to pot holes which have appeared on the roads since the recent snow and ice.

Leader of the Council, Sam Crooks, told heart; “We’ve asked people to pay an extra 10p per week in exchange for which between March and roughly May, depending on when the heavy frosts end, but as soon as the better weather is coming we will get into those roads and mend the potholes as quickly as we possibly can.”

Your council tax pays for things like schools, recreation, landscaping, waste collection, planning, adult social care and all the other services which the council are responsible for. It also includes funding for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, Thames Valley Police and your local parish council.