Dave Lee Travis Re-arrested

14 March 2013, 10:40 | Updated: 14 March 2013, 11:30

Former DJ Dave Lee Travis from Mentmore in Buckinghamshire has been re-arrested under Operation Yewtree.

The 67 year old was originally arrested by Operation Yewtree detectives in November. 

He answered bail on Monday and was re-arrested in connection with further allegations of sexual assault made to officers by two women.

The claims apparently date back to the seventies and eighties.

Heart went to Mr. Travis' house yesterday (Wednesday 13th March) where he read a statement to the press

He said:

"The last four months have been extraordinary, allegations which i strongly deny have been put to me by the police and which i have given full and complete answers. I've fully cooperated and my conscience is clear. 

"I ask you to take into account that I was not and have not been charged with anything by the police, I repeat, I have not been charged on anything by the police. I deny any wrongdoing whatsoever" 

"Not withstanding this my reputation has been tarnished and dragged through the mud. 

"My wife and I and close friends have been extremely distressed by this treatment and I've lost faith in people who've conducted themselves in such a spiteful way causing hurt and upset for the sake of sensationalism and for the purpose of selling newspapers. 

"On the other hand I've had amazing support from many people, in the business, in the public, listeners all over the place for which I'm truly grateful."