Duchess At Bletchley Park

20 February 2013, 17:02 | Updated: 20 February 2013, 17:26

The Duchess of Cornwall has been to Bletchley Park to speak to women who worked there as code breakers during the war.

Around 60 women joined the Duchess for tea and cake while they shared their stories.

Heart spoke to 88 year old Avril Brawns who said she enjoyed her time at Bletchley Park:

"It was interesting and it was great fun, when you had the German words coming up on your enigma machine you were delighted because you knew the code was broken"

Her Royal Highness Camilla made time to speak to everyone there- 89 year old Phyllis Colliwood said:

"She was absolutely charming, so easy to talk to and she was so interested in us"

You can see a gallery of our pictures below.