Emberton wind turbines

13 May 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 7 June 2010, 11:45

The third wind turbine is being put up at Petsoe Manor Farm in Emberton today.

There's going to be seven turbines there in total - which are all due to be up by June. The whole project should be finished by September.

Each turbine is 125 metres high and the farm will create 38 million kilo-watts of electricity each year. Developers say that's about the same amount of electricity that 8,085 households use in a year.

Simon Page is a spokesperson for MK Wind Farm Ltd, and explained what the landscape will look like once the project's completed.

"They are going to be tall structures in the area. From a distance you will be able to see them and they are - personally - I think, very graceful. When they're up and running you'll see the turbines there. They turn just gently, so you'll see them going round and, for me, it's quite a picturesque scene."

The turbines have caused some controversy in the local area. Residents tried to stop the Wind Farm from going ahead by taking their appeal through the court system.

But Mr Page says the reaction from people living nearby has been positive so far:

"Now it's becoming visible as the towers and the turbines are going up people are beginning to come and see and actually have a look at what's going on. Generally the reaction has been very positive and people are saying 'Well actually yes, I didn't say anything before, but this is great. I think this is a great thing.'"

Your comments:

It is the first time I have seen wind turbine in an agricultural rural setting  - and I think they look awful.  Much worse than I thought they would be! And we have to put up with them for 25 years. If it is a Milton Keynes Wind farm it should be in Milton Keynes on an industrial estate not rural Emberton.
Alison Stringfellow

I love the wind turbines! People should understand the good they are doing for our earth!
Laura Waterman

I think they are an impressive sight and far from being ugly I think they look graceful. Have just spent a weekend at Petsoe and took many photos of them. Can't wait to see them all turning.
Jan Bannerman

I live in North Crawley and can see the wind turbines from my home.  I think it adds structural character to the landscape and if they help save on fossil fuels then they can only be a good thing.
Ged Fletcher

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