Ex Con Jailed For Robbing Pensioner

22 July 2011, 12:33 | Updated: 22 July 2011, 12:36

An ex prisoner who robbed an 89 year old partially blind man in his own bed, holding a pair of secateurs to his throat, has been jailed indefinitely.

Barry Anderson had only been out of prison for ten days when he broke into the retirement bungalow in Bletchley, Bucks where the vulnerable victim was sleeping.

The man, woke to find Anderson standing over him, demanding his money, pressing the pruning shears under his chin, said prosecutor Merril Hughes.

The terrified victim him told him where his wallet was, and 35 year old Anderson, who was drunk, took some money and bank cards.

He then searched the property, disconnected the telephone and the personal alarm and took his panic alarm, telling him not to get help for at least half an hour.

But the victim nevertheless managed to raise the alarm and told police he thought he recognised his attacker's voice as someone who had done some gardening for him.

The defendant was arrested later the same day, March 25th this year, and still had some of the stolen property on him.

Anderson, of no fixed address was sentenced to an indeterminate sentence for public protection at Luton Crown Court yesterday (Thursday July 21st).

He was told he will only be able to apply for parole after he has served the equivalent of an eight year sentence, but it will only be granted when the authorities are satisfied he is no longer a risk to the public.

He pleaded guilty to robbery and two charges of fraud - using the stolen back cards.

Judge David Farrelll QC told him: "Your victim was extremely vulnerable and was in enormous fear. This offence has had serious repercussions and consequences. His quality of life has deteriorated."

A statement from the victim's daughter-in-law said she had seen a tremendous change in him and he had become 'a prisoner in his own home'.

Miss Silpa Mistry, defending said: "The defendant wants to express his extreme regret, remorse and apologies to the victim.

"He has very limited recollection of what he did because he was intoxicated. He was wandering the streets near his former partner's home and ended up in the back garden of the bungalow. It was not pre planned and the weapon he used he found inside the property."