HIMO helpline

14 September 2010, 06:00

If you're concerned that a house near you is being used as an unregistered HIMO - or House In Multiple Occupancy - you're being asked to get in touch with Milton Keynes Council.

It's got a special team that takes calls about issues with the properties, who can be contacted on 01908 253 271 or via privatesectorhousing@milton-keynes.gov.uk

The calls are taken in confidence and the team doesn't reveal who told them about any particular property.

If the council gets reports of a HIMO which it doesn't already know about, then it'll carry out an inspection.

For every house which is deemed to be licensable, another inspection takes place. If work needs to be done then a schedule of work is issued, which can include fire safety measures. If the landlord doesn't comply with the improvements, a formal improvement notice is issued, which has a charge of £225.

Failure to comply with an improvement notice is a criminal offence.

Milton Keynes Council has issued the information following a fire at an unregistered HIMO in Fishermead on Sunday 5th September. A mum and her three-year-old daughter were found dead at the property the following day.