Hundreds Queue For Boxing Day Sales

26 December 2011, 10:08 | Updated: 26 December 2011, 10:48

Hundreds of bargain hunters queued for the Next Boxing Day sale, those at the front of the queue had been there since 1am.

The doors didn't open until 6am and shoppers cheered as they were let in.

Children's clothing was one of the most crowded areas, there was a number of pregnant women out to to get discounted baby clothes.

For some people the Boxing Day sales have become a tradition. 

The high sprits mean some people make friends with those queuing around them.

But there was no doubt about it, these early risers were out for a serious shop, one women even had a suitcase with her ready to load up with sale items.

Other shops in the Centre MK didn't open until 9am and were expecting to be packed out by 10:30.

Like usual, John Lewis will not open on Boxing Day, they will start their sale tomorrow on the 27th.